Signed, Venus
It can't be that hard to find an urban legend. A mystery road trip show with a touch of the fantastic and the fallacious.
3 years ago

Episode 2: The Ultramarine

Episode Notes

Hayden and Kameron arrive at the first destination on their journey, Arabella. They seek to meet with Captain Valeria, one of the people mentioned in Signed, Venus, who The Writer describes as passionate and enthusiastic. Hayden and Kameron hope that she can tell them more about The Writer - and maybe even let them ride on her boat.

Signed, Venus was created and written by Reese Patterson and Serena Rahhal. This episode featured the voices of Rin as Hayden, Michael McKitt as Kameron, Emma Sherr-Ziarko as Captain Valeria, Serena Rahhal as Mirah, and Tesneem Rahhal for the opening. Music and audio editing by Reese Patterson and Serena Rahhal. Script editing by Alex Lynn.

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