Signed, Venus
It can't be that hard to find an urban legend. A mystery road trip show with a touch of the fantastic and the fallacious.
3 years ago

Episode 1: Unpaid Stalking

Episode Notes

The illustrated travel serial "Signed, Venus" is the only way for people living in Coast Venus to learn anything about the rest of their country, Conclaire, where travel is strictly taboo. It's less informative about the mysterious individual who writes it. Hayden, determined to change that, has come up with a plan. They and Kameron, their partner for this adventure, set out to speak with the series' illustrator for help.

Signed, Venus was created and written by Serena Rahhal and Reese Patterson. This episode featured the voices of Rin as Hayden, Michael McKitt as Kameron, Serena Rahhal as Mirah, and Tesneem Rahhal for the opening. Music and audio editing by Reese Patterson and Serena Rahhal. Script editing by Alex Lynn.

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